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Janine's Tees and Prints

The paintings below led to requests for the designs to be put on tee shirts and prints.

Janine's Tees and prints was born!

I have gone on to produce screen printed tees with themes of freedom, peace and love, angels and nature.

The tees below are high quality and digitally printed.

I will be loading my other screen printed tees as I construct this page. Prints are also available.

 Please order from web store.

 Convoy 2022 

On Thursday 10th February 2022 I was moved to paint about the horror and disbelief I felt seeing the NZ police assault innocent New Zealanders as they stood in peaceful protest on our parliament grounds in Wellington, our capital city. 

Watching the live stream I saw my woman friends in the front row and I watched as they stood, arms linked tight, holding the line as police built huge scrums and pulled them out one by one, the brutality was shocking. 

One friend Jeanette Wilson had her sternum broken by a policewoman and was treated appallingly. She said afterwards, "We woke the sleeping giant within NZ!". A great description of the response by thousands who visited Camp Freedom in the following weeks. 

Camp Freedom 
After the sprinklers were turned on the protestors and they had endured days of battling rain and a cyclone, the sun came out at Camp Freedom. Peace, aroha and unity were in abundance. The people came together from all around the country with so much love and connection which they had been starved of for so long. It was Valentine's day and to me that seemed so perfect. I could feel the joy and happiness, so I did another painting! 

Full Moon Freedom 
Camp Freedom continued to grow! I was living on live streams and on a bit of a roll. Kiwis from all walks of life sang, danced, talked and ate, sharing their stories together. The protestors were holding the peace amongst much antagonism from the police and the media. The organisation and no 8 wire approach from the freedom community was pretty impressive with protesters even making vegetable gardens. The love was contagious. It was a full moon and Darcia Mather set up her wonderful freedom lights. She has since made them the people's lights, taking them out for pop up Freedom Glows in different places for all to enjoy.

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