Janine Tate - Artist

Art by Janine TAte


Life Strands
400mm x 400mm
Glass and mirror on curved and woven Aquamox board.
This was my entry in the 3D catagory of the 2020 Taranaki National Art Awards.
Of Maori, Scottish, English, Bohemian and Irish decent this piece incorporates the strands of my DNA to create a weaving of glass.
This piece challenged me to build the substrate which would allow me to achieve the weaving as imagined.
A very satisfying work.


1000mm across 

Glass on marine ply

(Indirect method)

The koru is the fern frond unfurling to become a fern leaf, representing new life and beginnings. It seemed a fitting theme when I created this as a feature piece when we first built our studio gallery. 

Finished with a woven border of glass which compliments the natural green and brown tones, it is a favourite of mine.

Sold by Mosaic Gallery, Whitianga.

Just Enough Essential Parts - Jeep
450mm across
Glass on Aquamox board
(Indirect method)
This piece was a commission for a birthday present.
I worked with the client to recreate her husband's beloved Jeep in glass. Using four different textures of black glass I was able to imitate the surfaces on the vehicle.
Grey irodised glass for the windows and border worked as a natural reflection for the sky.
The client was thrilled with the result.

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