Janine Tate - Artist

Art by Janine TAte

Original Art

My paintings are bold and bright, designed to uplift and energise the senses.
Healing and filled with joyful energy they invite happiness into your heart and home.
I use top quality Golden acrylics to create them with, these vibrant colours suit my soul.
My art is my life and my gift to share. Enjoy!

Free Flight- available now at
Mosaic Art Gallery , Whitianga.

Two Tigers- Artists collection


Acrylic on canvas- 609 x 1219


Freedom- Acrylic on canvas 
 609 x 1219 mm
 Mosaic Art Gallery, Whitianga.

Precious- NZ Hectors dolphin
Endangered species
Acrylic on canvas- 20" diameter 

Save us- NZ Hectors Dolphin
Endangered species
Acrylic on canvas- 12 x 16" 

Light...the way
Acrylic on canvas 

Golden Flight

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas- 30 x 30"

She is... Mother

Matapihi Gallery, Raglan


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